Run with the Neals to fight Thyroid Cancer

We would like to bring attention to Thyroid cancer which I(Stephen) was diagnosed with in 2005, by supporting ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association, Inc. and the American Cancer Society. Both of these organizations were vital to us as we learned about this cancer. I believe that if I had known about the website earlier, I might have avoided at least one surgery. I hope that, in the future, people diagnosed with Thyroid cancer will find in time and that more doctors will utilize both of these organizations to stay abreast of the most current treatment and diagnostic methods.

So, to motivate others to give, we will match every dollar given to either Thyca or The American Cancer Society by running a mile as we train and run in various races here in NC. We both keep running logs and will post links to these logs and to the races we participate in. We will make sure to let you know which miles were in honor of your contribution unless you wish to remain anonymous. So, give a little and make us run.